Sunday, April 3, 2011

(slightly belated) weekend links

Good morning!  I'm back from the land of golden retrievers, playing Lego Star Wars, building obstacle courses in the back yard, and green milk (April Fool's Day + food coloring).  We had fun, and I hope the kids weren't too bored with me.

Spring Rain

Anyway, here are some links for you to visit this weekend.  Laura of Live.Laugh.Photograph. left a comment on my blog last week, and I visited hers in return, where I spotted this post.  Imagine, never having painted, and then creating just the thing you were looking for.  After you read that, then sneak over to Amy's Treasures and have a laugh at these nine words women use.  Normally, I object to these sorts of things--"all men do this" and "all women do that" because a) they're often not true of me or a lot of men or women I know, b) I hate reinforcing stereotypes because people are all so unique and different that stereotypes often don't fit, and c) I feel like they limit getting to know people.  That said, I laughed at this article because it is actually true of me, except the five minutes one.  I usually just say one minute and then take five, and I don't keep my husband from watching sports.

Sun in the city

Well, that was rather verbose for just a few links, wasn't it?  Here's a few more.  Kat posted this link on facebook last week and it looks really fun.  Maybe I'll try it in a guest room sometime, since we already have a headboard.  This giveaway from anna allen of wildflowers :: pretty ends at eight p.m. tonight, so go take a look real quick, and then browse the Shabby Apple and imagine yourself in their dresses.  This family lives in a 120-year-old home, which sounds both really fun and potentially obnoxious (drafts, repairs, etc.) to me.  Then you should look at Man Made DIY just to see someone change up the usual gender connotations of this crafty blogosphere.  I particularly like this post on printing on fabric (it links to a post on Poppytalk Handmade).  I've dabbled a bit in making and using stencils, but I plan to do more when I can work on things in my parents' garage or basement (aka places with no carpet to ruin).  Sound good?  Oh yes.  Maybe I'll make some samurai sword push pins, too.

Have a lovely remainder of your weekend, and don't think too hard about tomorrow being Monday.

The sun has finally come out today, but that image of spring rain was too pretty not to share.  I think I prefer the lightness in the second one, though, don't you?  We're supposed to finally have nice weather after tomorrow.  Hooray!

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