Monday, May 16, 2011

and we're back

It was a busy weekend.
We woke early on Saturday and attended the graduation walk--a commemorative trek across campus with a portion of the two hundred eight-five graduates--in the rain.  I handed out name cards to the graduates who forgot theirs and said goodbye to the wonderful women I've worked with since last July.  Cory stood in a sort-of-huddle with his friends, trying to keep his honors hood, sash, cords, and valedictorian sash from getting too soaked.  The ceremony was in the blessed indoors and hardly interrupted by the rain pounding on the roof.  We (Cory's family, my family, and the Smiths) listened to every last name called across the stage and stood and cheered very very loudly for Cory--not only did he graduate, but he managed to do so with a plethora of distinctions.  We're proud.  We're excited.

{you can't even see his honor cords here}

Then we trudged through the downpour to our cars and went back to the apartment, wading through the puddle of our (now our old) parking lot to get inside, where we devoured a meal and congratulated the graduate.  After that, the sun mercifully came out and two hours of chaos ensued, with twelve adults packing up a little apartment with an insane amount of stuff.  It didn't feel like nearly that much while we lived there, but when you suddenly have to pack everything into a ten-by-sixteen foot truck (including a good bit of furniture), the total amount of your possessions seems ridiculous.  Then we cleaned like crazy, because we are definitely getting that deposit back.

{along KY-210, on our way out of town}

We shuffled the boxes into the truck.  We shuffled a bunch into a storage unit.  We shuffled a few more into my grandparents' garage and then into the storage section of the basement.  Nothing's really unpacked yet, but we finished the move for now.  We're not settled yet, but we're getting there.  This next phase is officially begun--a waiting period, while Cory prepares for and takes the CPA exam and I get ready to start a graduate degree.

{found here; original source doesn't seem to have it up anymore}

We're lucky, I think, to go through these transitional phases together.  While some people struggle when they marry young, we've learned that we can grow together.  We don't set out on new phases alone, but with a partner, with support and love at home, even on the days we drive each other crazy (will you ever pick up your laundry, dear?).  We're almost at the close of our first year and the beginning of many more.  Who knows what's ahead?

Normal-ish posting will resume tomorrow, probably.  That reliable internet connection I mentioned is kind of elusive right now.  Something wonky is going on with the font in this post, too.  Oh well.  

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Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Growing together is really the key. So glad all went well at the graduation -- even if it did rain. (Let's just say it rained blessings.)