Monday, May 2, 2011

Why yes, I watched the royal wedding.

This weekend, I joined my mother and several of the ladies of our family friends for a tea, hostessed by our resident Aussie-married-to-a-Brit.  We sipped tea, ate cucumber sandwiches, scones, strawberries, lemon bars, and pavlova, and chatted about the royal family and all its history.  It was  a lovely time.

{prepping cucumber sandwiches}

{cucumber sandwiches and (gluten-free!) scones}

{the prettiest union jack tea towel}

{Mrs. Smith's perfectly heavenly lemon bars}

{perfectly ripe strawberries}

{our wonderful spread}

Did you watch the royal wedding?  Did you swoon over the dress?  Did anyone else grin when the little flower girls covered their ears on the balcony--or when Prince William reportedly (according to the lip readers) whispered, "I thought this was supposed to be a small family affair!" to Kate's father?  

I am, of course, very conscious of how hyped up the wedding has been, and well aware of how many other things are going on in the world while we watch a royal event, but you can't help admitting that it was incredibly beautiful.  It's hard not to enjoy seeing something positive and just plain happy on the news.  I must say, though, that I am really quite glad my husband is not a prince and that we did not have millions of people watching our wedding.  I am really quite glad to be perfectly ordinary.  I mean, being a princess could be rather nice, but a quiet life like ours is pretty lovely (particularly since we get to move in just two weeks!).  

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KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

That looks like a wonderful spread! I absolutely love cucumber sandwiches--they are my favorite :)

I thought the wedding was beautiful and you could tell they put a lot of effort into it to make it special and "theirs" even with millions watching! Sadly the 24-7 media coverage for the newlyweds is just beginning--now they are just on bump watch!