Monday, August 22, 2011

Self Instruction

When nervous, I get a little more accepting of platitudes.

Normally, I'm a bit snobby about clichés, even though I use them all the time.  It's fairly illogical, I know, but I think the reason I'm snobby about seeing them is actually because I over-use them myself.

Anyway, as I said, when I'm nervous, I get a little more accepting of platitudes.  Why?  I think it's because they are easy to put on repeat in my mind and thus effectively temper nervous thoughts.  So in light of my silly nerves about starting classes this week, I've put a few doses of prettily illustrated platitudes, gathered here, on the back of the desk behind my laptop.

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

These two are my favorites.  I so wish that top print was still for sale!  I've shared them before, I'm sure, and I'm really sure that others have blogged them already, but they're catchy and I like to keep them in mind whenever I take on a new adventure.

I may or may not blog some more in the next few days.  I'll see how things go between classes, reading, and time with family before my little sister leaves for college.  


Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

You know, little reminders now and then, even if they're platitudes are always welcome in my book. And I actually own the top print! It's small, only postcard-sized, but I love putting it up on my wall where I work and looking at it several times each day.

English Muse said...

I love these. Important reminders to stay positive...

Katie said...

@ Brandi: I'm a bit jealous! If she re-lists it, I'll buy it in a heartbeat.

@Tina, thanks!