Friday, August 12, 2011

Previously Uninspired

I put up a post this morning, but felt ridiculous about it and took it down about a half hour later.  Something was off, and it was mostly in my head.
An excedrin and a nap later, I'm a little better, but still a bit funky.  So I don't have a lot of words today, just this outfit for Friday's Fancies and hopefully a less out-of-it day tomorrow.  This outfit is based on pieces I own (pants, top, shoes) and trying to accessorize them in a way that looks cute, not messy.  This is something I'm working on but haven't mastered yet.

going back...
going back... by katiebees

I think I'm going to start posting in the evenings on a regular basis.  I'm more with it then, more inspired, more awake.

Other than that, you know how it goes.  More fashion-oriented posts can be found at Long Distance Loving and the sources for all the items above can be found by clicking the image.  Have a great weekend!


Aimee said...

that shirt looks so comfy! hope you feel better soon!

Marian said...

Love the look! Perfect for the weekend!