Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Sweet Feature

Today, I'm excited to tell you that Kirby at Colors of Honey is hosting a feature on my wedding last year.  Won't you head over and take a look?  

There's a funny story about this picture.  When we got my wedding band, my engagement ring was being resized and I didn't think to see how they'd fit together.  Turns out, I couldn't get them both on at the same time without a significant amount of effort.  You can kind of see that I'm trying to wriggle it onto my finger here.  After a moment, I stopped and waited until everyone's eyes were closed for a prayer and got the rings on the rest of the way.  

Photo by Kathy L. Phy, who I can't recommend enough to anyone in the Louisville area!

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Meri said...

well hey- you definitely had a lot of intention in putting that ring on, so it was meaningful that way!