Thursday, August 11, 2011

What I Did Today

I went through my omi's* letters, which my oma** has had tucked safely away since moving into this house seven or eight years ago.  These are all sorted into protective sleeves in a binder so that I can scan them and document.  Some of the letters are in German; these were found next to envelopes with postmarks from Germany, Romania, and Hungary.  I don't know how old they are yet because I'm a little afraid to unfold them until Oma is able to translate them so I can record their contents in English.

 (these are not my letters, but I will photograph them soon.)

I realized, like many often do, how letters are a fading, if not already faded, mode of communication.

So I wrote a letter to my cousin.  I still need to find a stamp--I don't even keep them on hand anymore!--but it'll be sent shortly.  I am rather lucky, in that most of the people I would send letters to live near me and they are wholly unnecessary; I can literally just stop by their homes if I wish.

{ready but for the stamp}

Of course, I could easily send my cousin a message on facebook, but then that surprise (which is probably ruined by now, since she usually reads these posts) of finding something for you, with your name, that's travelled a good distance, would be lost.

I need to send more letters.  I need to find some stamps...and people's addresses...and the box with my stationery.

*"Omi" is my great-grandmother.
**"Oma" is my grandmother.  

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kimbirdy said...

yes, handwritten letters are a dying art. i get so excited when i find a handwritten envelope from someone i know in my mailbox though. i love the thought of returning the joy in someone else's mailbox. how dreamy to have your omi's letters!