Monday, August 1, 2011

Good Words

I found some good words this weekend.  I was thinking about writing and didn't have any words of my own that I wanted to put to paper (this happens frequently), so I went looking for something to inspire and found a lot.  Take a look with me, won't you?
Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Go and be happy this week!  I've saved a few more good words here and here.


Janie | We Heart Paper said...

Sometimes its easy to forget to keep a great attitude and think positively but when I do, it really makes a huge difference for me and my outlook! Thanks for the reminder! Love, love, love the pictures!

Belly B said...

These are all so beautiful, thanks for the reminder!!!! :D

Belly B :)

Mo Pie, Please said...

I love all of these! Especially the one about the good attitude, he he!

Thanks so much for your painting advice! I really LOVE that palette from Martha (and I subscribe to whole living so I'm just telling you I'm a Martha fan :) ). I really do want to go with a creamy white so I can have playful furniture and accents in the living room.

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Such good words! I'll admit that I've had some difficulty keeping a positive attitude lately. I'm working on it though and things are definitely looking brighter.