Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday, Part Two

Today, my husband is taking the second test of his CPA exam.
After today, we're* halfway through.

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

I'm pretty darn sure it'll be fine.  We are going to have a ridiculous party when he finishes all four exams, because it is quite an accomplishment!  I would not want to trade places with him at all.  It's a good thing he's crazy smart.

*Cory is the one taking the tests, but I feel like we're in this together.  He studies and I try not to pester him when he studies and make sure he eats and things like that.  


Dancing Branflake said...

You are so supportive and I love that. Being a spouse to a student is TOUGH.

kimbirdy said...

oh man, that's rough! i hope everything went swimmingly!

Torie said...

Ahh! I'm sure he will rock it! Best of luck though, dear!

Also, that print is super fitting to my life right now. I always freak about finances when the school year starts, and then when it all turns out fine I wonder why I spent so much time worrying.

Sending tonnsss of well wishes!