Thursday, March 31, 2011

ventures into the blogosphere :: miss lovie creations

I spent some time last weekend hopping around from one link to another on different blogs, and found this project on Miss Lovie Creations.

I know I'm a completely terrible U of L student graduate (I even got my diploma today!) to post this, but I care so little about sports that it's irrelevant.  My husband, however, cares a LOT about those wildcats.  So last weekend, I grabbed some remnants and made a super-simplified version of this project for our door.  I only had long strips of my blue and white fabric, which meant I couldn't make the flowers, so I tied a big bow instead and went with it.  C. approves.

Allie has a few other projects you might enjoy, and you should take a look at this post about a Sew Along for Japan that she's participating in.  The project itself is adorable and I love the idea of sending something handmade and special to children in need.  I'm going to look up more about it and I'll share what I find.  

I'm taking tomorrow and Saturday off of blogging while I babysit for some of my favorite kids, so goodbye until Sunday!

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