Thursday, March 17, 2011

for japan with love: another way (or two)

I spotted this on SFGirlByBay and, since the profits are going to the Red Cross, wanted to share.

W+K Studio is selling this poster with 100% of the profits going directly to the Red Cross for relief effort.

{help japan poster-click the image to go to the Big Cartel listing}

Sometimes, I've heard (and thought) that it's a little ridiculous to actually get some sort of gift-reward-thing for donating to a cause.  Shouldn't you just be happy to donate?

But I was thinking about this today, and realized something--it's a win-win situation, provided the thing you receive is not reducing the amount you give.  The reason for this is simply that getting something, like a poster, or a pair of Toms, or a necklace, gives you a way to start a conversation about what that item represents.  A friend asks about the poster on your wall, and you can tell them about this way that people are raising money to do something good.  A friends asks about your shoes, and you can tell them about how many kids don't have any shoes for themselves.  You give a friend a necklace as a gift and tell her that the money spent on it went to help victims of human trafficking in Asia.  You don't brag on how you've given so much money, but rather brag on all the good things that people are doing, and tell people how they can support something good, too.

{a rose by any other name-click the image to go to Etsy listing}

Ez of Creature Comforts is also donating all proceeds (outside of the less-than-$2-shipping cost) to the Red Cross from sales in her Etsy shop Wren & Chickadee.  Her photos are beautiful and under $20, so if you're limited in what you can give, it's still feasible; just be sure to make the purchase before March 25th, which is when she's going to tally the amount raised and send it to the Red Cross.
{entwine-click the image to go to the Etsy listing}

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