Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ventures into the blogosphere :: love life

I don't remember how I found Kal Barteski's blog.  It could have been anywhere, with all these blogs I read.  I bookmarked it some time ago because of her tiny art collection and these awesome mini bus rolls that I want to buy, but are way too cool for my home.

Seriously, look at them, being all black and white and typographic and cool.  The inspired (or inspiring, depending on your view) lines don't hurt, either.
{click image to go to sale listing}

From the stories on her blog, it sounds like her home is full of fun right now, and maybe a little bit of painting chaos.  I'm no painter, but I can fully sympathize with how easy it is to get carried away with a can of paint, a brush, and at least one success under you eggshell-finish-splotched utility belt.  Once one project goes well, anything seems possible.  Maybe that's why her bus rolls are so positive?

I'll be back later today with a little tutorial/handmade project I found in my unposted archive.  It was from August, but the colors are rather spring-time-y, so I'll be sharing it now.  Have a lovely day!

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