Saturday, March 26, 2011

happy saturday links

I always mean to post in the morning, but today, I was thoroughly absorbed with a book, making chocolate chip pancakes (which taste fine but always make a mess and look awful), and making a really good risotto-ish meal for lunch.  Reading Julie and Julia would be very bad if I were trying to lose weight, although the descriptions of meat preparations were sufficiently off-putting for me and my complete lack of interest/occasional disgust with meat that I didn't get too hungry.  I did use a little too much butter, perhaps, for someone with my family history of high cholesterol at young ages, but I always get the low-fat stuff anyway, so does it matter?

Meanwhile, this week, I've practically drooled over the food on What Katie Ate and improvised an out-of-the-box (because-I-have-been-to-Kroger-four-times-this-week-and-don't-want-to-go-again) version of this meal, dreamed a little of living in this home featured on Decor8 (only preferably not in Michigan, since even Kentucky challenges my cold tolerance), been terribly distracted by all the documents scanned into this database at Wofford College and shared on flickr, rediscovered this casual wedding I bookmarked awhile ago, and laughed so hard at Emily's comment on this post.

You should, too.

once again, these images of some of the things I love are from the flickr creative commons.  it's my favorite way to find things that you can share without breaking copyright law--as long as you give attribution, because that's the kind and right thing to do.

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