Saturday, March 12, 2011

good morning, saturday

or, rather, good afternoon.

Are you ready for some good things?  This week's links come courtesy of my wanderings around Pinterest.
{spotted here and already sold by gollybard on etsy}

Check out this terrific amazing awesome recreation of Up (which I once posted about here) by National Geographic, highlighted in the weekly Pinterest newsletter.  You should also look at this Pinterest board form Brandi of Not Your Average Ordinary, because I'm sure you will walk away feeling motivated to do something great, or at least with a smile.  I also like this stairway, pinned here and from there.  I like walls and furnishings and a lot of nontraditional writing surfaces covered in words.  Sometime last year, on a whim and in a flurry of some stressed-out emotion, I painted a quote from Les Mis on my bedroom wall at my parents' home, with just a little brush and some dripping paint.  I don't think I even covered my bed, which thankfully did not get paint on it...but I digress. I was reading Housekeeping this morning and feel full of descriptive phrases at present, which may explain my sudden interest in well-crafted phrases this morning.

Have a lovely Saturday.

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