Sunday, March 6, 2011

winning, revisited

No, I did not win something else (except maybe a bit of a decision about grad school, but I won't say a thing until I know it sticks in my head and my heart).  I did not share the blog that hosted the handmade olympics which the lovely Dottie Angel won and from which was so kind as to share her lovely prizes with me and four others.

The lovely hosting site of the handmade olympics was the rikrak studio, where you will find many delightful giveaways, challenges, and lots of interesting things.  Her Etsy shop is closed at present, but you can look at her sold items and see that she is definitely one creative soul.  Aren't these pretty?  I like the mug, too.

I have a question, though.  Do I say lovely and gorgeous and beautiful too much?  Can you think of some good synonyms or almost-synonyms to use?  hmm...time for the thinking cap.

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