Tuesday, March 29, 2011

FOUND :: Easter Treasuries on Etsy

Spring is hiding somewhere past the chilly temperatures we're still feeling here, and Easter's not so far, either.  I feel like Easter is often overlooked, or fully occupied by bunnies and eggs, when it comes to craft and handmade design.  It's sort of funny to me, since Easter is a celebration of the resurrection, of a return to life, and what could be more wonderful than that?  Maybe it's just my experience, though, feeling like Easter gets forgotten, since we don't get a lot of days off around Easter (like we do for Christmas and Thanksgiving) and the holiday gets a little forgotten.  Anyway, since I feel a little more interested in celebrating this year, since I actually get off for the weekend, I did a little Etsy hunting to find some treasuries--and some lovely things--that are perfect for spring and for celebrating the miracle of Easter.

the cycle of life by ArzuMusa

And just to keep things interesting, I'm going to put one together myself in a little while.  In the meantime, here are two more treasuries you might like.

I'll give you the link to my treasury in a few hours.  Until then, have a lovely day!

All images belong to the shop owners listed beneath.  If you're interested in purchasing an item, the link below the image will take you to its sale posting. 

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