Tuesday, March 22, 2011

FOUND :: the little fox, on Etsy

When I spotted this collection of postcards on my cousin's blog today, I knew I'd be writing about the shop.  The Little Fox describes herself as a "picture crafter, imagination enthusiast, and bedtime stories fabricator."  Her illustrations reflect a fairy-tale aesthetic expressed in wide-eyed, sometimes ingenuous, primarily female subjects.  They're adorable and they're somehow enchanting.

Her prints ship free worldwide, so don't worry that she's in the United Kingdom.  The Little Fox is also having a sale at the moment, so this print is only twelve dollars, placing it in the category of affordable art.  I could see these in a young girl's bedroom, or in a creative space, or even in a whimsical living room, which I fully intend to have someday.  

The Little Fox also blogs on a whimsy and pretty site here, which you should most definitely read for at least a bit. I'm a little in love with the colors and font she uses.  They're so sweet and fanciful.

all images link back to their listings on Etsy and belong to The Little Fox.  please be kind and give her credit if you share these images elsewhere, because they are copyrighted.

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