Monday, March 21, 2011

moving day

Yesterday, I posted on my old wordpress blog that I'm officially switching to blogger, so here I am.  I have plenty to share!  Changes are most definitely coming, since I have a little more time these days to plan and create content that I hope you'll enjoy.  I've been contemplating a posting schedule and think it's come together now.

On Mondays, I will be writing a grammar and style guide.  I'm always putting my poor man through my tirades about the state of grammatical knowledge in society, so I am going to actually do something about it and share the knowledge I have of grammar, spelling, and punctuation through what I hope will be an easy to read set of posts.  I believe in making grammar, spelling, and punctuation as simple to understand as possible.  I also plan to include plenty of pictures so you don't fall asleep.  I hope to answer those really simple and silly questions that no one ever clarifies when you are in school.  Most of the guide will relate to writing in general, but I might throw in some tips about MLA and academic writing while I'm at it.

On Tuesdays, I'll be highlighting artists and independent shops (like on Etsy and Big Cartel) found around on the internet (and maybe occasionally in person!).  I'm thinking about emailing the sellers and artists and asking them a few questions, so maybe I'll even post these as interviews, if people are willing to put the time into an interview on a virtually unknown blog.  This I will have to ponder a bit more. 

On Wednesdays, I will spotlight some of the blogs I've found during my browsing.  I've been doing this for awhile on posts tagged and/or titled "ventures into the blogosphere."  Nothing much will change with these, except that they'll be scheduled.

On Thursdays, I will share reviews of my latest readings (or, if I have not finished something recently, a book I've read and written about before, just not online). 

On Fridays, I'll be posting an essay written by myself.  I'm looking for ideas for subjects; I think these will function somewhat like the "interruptions" I'd been writing occasionally.  I have a little writing inspiration guide at home, so I'll probably respond to prompts found in there. 

On Saturdays, I'll share a bunch of links for your weekend reading pleasure. 

There will also be occasional features, like tutorials, that I'll post once or twice a month. 

Now your chin may drop in amazement if you actually know me, because this is probably one of the most organized things I've ever done.  Be proud! 

I'll be back in a few hours with the first entry in the weekly grammar guide. 


Anonymous said...

Katie the new blog is beauuuuutiful :) Consider me impressed by your stunning organization too! Perhaps you will inspire me to some kind of coherency in my blog universe too! I check every day for a new post from you!

Neyhart said...

I'm curious about your reasons for switching from WordPress to Blogger because I have been contemplating doing the exact opposite.

Katie said...

It was pretty much just because it was easier to use html (especially pre-made stuff) and because I'm just more comfortable. It also has the option to use word verification on the comments and I've gotten WAY less spam as a result. I've thought about switching back, but I really like how I've got it set up now and probably won't bother.