Wednesday, March 16, 2011

she was a hoot, and other happy thoughts

Today, I'm feeling a bit lighthearted.  The sun came out again and is warming up this previously grey and drizzly little town.  A few weeks ago, I found and bookmarked a bunch of little prints by Corid on Etsy, and their colors all seem perfectly suited to the spring that finally seems to be popping up around here.  Would you like to take a look?

Her prints are generally $20 and shipping is inexpensive, so they definitely fall into the category of affordable art and would be adorable to hang in a series.  She also has her shop sorted by color, which I find not only genius, but enormously helpful for my color-impaired self.  You really should take a look.  I'm pretty sure you'll smile.  Her blog showcases more of her work that isn't for sale, and I think you'll like that, too.

Any and all rights to the photos and illustrations above belong to Corid and link back to their Etsy listings, so please don't share them without giving credit.

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