Wednesday, March 23, 2011

special feature: a washi tape project

This funny thing happens when you actually look at your blog archives: you find posts you forgot to actually, well, post.  Is there a way to phrase that sentence without being so redundant and repetitive?

Sorry.  I'll stop with the wordy puns.

So here's a post I wrote in the early fall, and never published (ah, yes, that is the right word!).  It's sort of a how-to just for you.  I did update the dates and such, now that C. and I have been married almost a year (when I first wrote this post, it had been two months).

Last summer, my husband of ten months and I celebrated the second anniversary of our first date.  It was an awkward date, as all tend to be, but grew more comfortable as we sipped white chocolate mochas (in July, I know!) and talked for over five hours.  We then parted for two weeks, which would soon prove the longest we would stay apart.

Over the past two-plus years, we have celebrated some momentous occasions--a wedding, a proposal, I-love-yous, and a first kiss, though not quite in that order--and I wanted to celebrate.  So, drawing inspiration from all the amazing washi tape projects I've seen around the blogosphere, I created a simple-yet-special card to give my husband.

I started with some blank notecards.  I bought a pack of 200 at Target a few months ago, in all different soft shades, which have proven enormously useful.

On each notecard, I wrote down the date of an occasion, a little title, and a few words of description.  I also stamped little hearts under each date, with the number of hearts correlating to the event's place in chronological order.  I chose eight different days, starting with our first date, and ending with our anniversary.  But it would be very simple to extend or shorten the number of cards you use.

I then attached the matching envelopes to each other with a glue stick (acid free), then wrapped washi paper tape around the top and bottom to secure the attachment, since the glue sticks aren't super duper strong and washi tape is far more pretty.  I had a marker with a heart stamp on one end and did a border above and below the washi tape.  I tucked the ends of the top piece of washi tape inside the envelope so that it appears seamless.  Then I just set the cards into their own little pockets and they were ready to go!

It's so fun to look at the cards and remember all the big days of our relationship, but it also reminds us of all the happy little days in between.  Enjoy sharing the same memories with your special someone!



p.s. this project seems to coordinate well with my new blog's colors.  hooray for slight success in matching!

p.p.s. I'm submitting this for the itssoverycheri blog's project party, hence the button at the end of this post.  Cheri has a nifty tutorial on making fabric tape, so you may want to check it out.

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Kelley said...

Very cute... these are wonderful keepsakes.