Wednesday, March 9, 2011

without a cord

I had ideas for posts.  I had things to share.  But I took a trip on Sunday, which was lovely (except for going to the dentist on Monday morning and getting a filling in the afternoon), and managed with the utmost forgetful skill to leave my laptop charger in my old bedroom at my parents' house.  I have access to computers all day at work and in the writing center (don't you worry, I'm not on the clock now!), but I don't have my lovely array of bookmarks (of the virtual nature) that I was planning to share, and I have no pictures.  I fear you'll have to do some adventuring of your own until my mother arrives tomorrow to visit and deliver the charger.  For the rest of today, I think I'll have to tidy up the apartment and do a little sewing and crafting.  I've got a new (easy) pattern for a skirt that I will try to avoid butchering, a dress pattern that I probably won't get to, and a crochet garland that I started before Christmas that needs finishing. 

You'll hear from me again by the weekend, I'm sure.


Katharina said...

I'm saving jewelry pieces u can use as embellishments on your crafts.
Can I talk you into sharing a craft booth for Christmas at CAL?

katie bee said...

Yes! If I ever get enough made!