Wednesday, March 2, 2011

interruptions, part 2 :: post grad thoughts and a taste test (again)

Have you ever noticed that your tastes in, well, everything fluctuate quite a bit?

Maybe it's because right now, I'm thinking about all the things I could do in the fast-approaching future.  I'm wondering about what to study for my graduate degree (still leaning towards sticking with English), wondering what I want to do for a career, and at the same time thinking about the new space we'll be moving into once C. graduates and, well, we find a place to live.  I'm thinking about what I'm going to do for a job before C. starts his and I go back to school.  I'm awfully curious about so many things.

I was galavanting about the internet and stumbled back upon Etsy's taste test, so I took it again.  My results are similar, but a little more me in a way.  I find it interesting that the kinds of objects and images I like are a little more defined right now, when the more intangible parts of my life are fluctuating.  It's always an interesting relationship between the things you know and don't know; it seems like what you do know will get more defined when you are trying to figure out all those things you don't know.

{original source unknown; found on We Heart It}

I know I love writing but I don't know if I could or even want to write for a living somewhere down the road.

I know I love research but I don't know if I could ever achieve everything it would require to be able to study and write for a living.

I know I love helping kids/adults/anyone discover how good it is to read for understanding and for pleasure, and do the same with writing, but do I have what it takes to work through all the hard parts of getting there?

These are the questions that float about in my brain as I think about the future.  What do I want?  How do I get there?  I get the feeling I will ask them repeatedly throughout my entire life.  Such is my nature.

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